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Africa Asia and Latin America Development and Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization established in South Korea in 1994, when its first war refugee relief program was started in Liberia, Africa.  By recognizing the fundamental cause of inheritance of poverty to be the lack of education, ADRF is committed to assisting school education and personality education for underprivileged children.  

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We will support educational organizations in Mongolia and Peru for children in poverty who do not receive the benefits of education.  The Foundation will assist each school's operation and management.  

We, ADRF dream of the day for the underprivileged children in Africa, Asia and Latin America to escape from the chain of poverty and reach their dreams to come true through education.  

ADRF will send volunteers to Africa, Asia and Latin America.  The overseas volunteer group provides educational services to children in poverty, helps improve and maintain educational facilities, and donate necessary articles.  

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